Breve til Træerne

Breve til Træerne (Letters to the trees) for letters, leaves, voice, paper, recorders and effect pedals, is a piece where the audience become co-creators of the scenography and the letters that are used in the performance.

Letters to the Trees was performed for the first time in October 2023, in collaboration with Esbjerg Art Museum. During Stine’s residency over 100 participants took part in workshops leading up to the perfromance.

“Seven Poems Isolated” and “My Dazzled Face"

A performance concert consisting of two different pieces inspired and connected by the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

“Seven Poems Isolated” is a chamber music song cycle for mezzosoprano, recorder, clarinet and piano. The music is composed to seven selected poems by Emily Dickinson.

“My Dazzled Face” is a solo performance in scenography by artist Christina René. A reflection in sound and art inspired by the mystery and nature in the poetic world of Emily Dickinson

Music: Stine Benjaminsen
Lyrics: Emily Dickinson
Scenography and costumes: Christina René
Artwork, photo, sound and video: 10 Fingers

Music: “Hope” from “Seven Poems Isolated
Mezzosoprano: Sidse Lund-Bach Henriksen
Bass clarinet: Mathilde Schelin
Bass recorder: Stine Benjaminsen
Piano: Karin Viktoria Jakobsson

The concert was performed at KoncertKirken in Copenhagen, Odeon in Odense, SDMK’s concert hall in Esbjerg and in Viborg Kunsthal
Video recorded in KoncertKirken and at SDMK


Stine Benjaminsen, Composer
Esbjerg Ensemble
Rei Munakata, Conducter

Esbjerg Ensembles composers workshop 2021

Rødvin og Due

Ida Marie Jessen, Sidse Lund-Bach Henriksen, Anette Signe Pedersen, Mathilde Schelin, Karin Viktoria Jakobsson and Stine Benjaminsen

Recorded live in Vor Frelsers Kirke in Esbjerg, October 2020

Music and lyrics by Stine Benjaminsen